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Avoca 55



A natural herbal formula from Asian medicine is used to support and improve women's fertility and sexual health and helps treat women's infertility and delayed pregnancy.

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  • 100% natural product


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A natural herbal formula from Asian medicine is used to support and improve women's fertility and sexual health and helps treat women's infertility and delayed pregnancy.
*Attention: Read the recommendations notes before consuming*
Women's youth and external beauty starts from inside."


  • The secret that some women do have a beautiful body figure and have an attractive female appearance, especially glamorous skin, no wrinkles, have beautiful hair, have shiny healthy nails and also have a good mood, with a sense of high positivity and love of life, is because these women have well-balanced sexual hormones secretionin their reproductive systems, and because they have a very good balance in the (Neurological/hormonal) control by the pituitary gland and hypothalamus.Any imbalance in these hormone secretions may cause serious physical and mood disturbance , which can be prevented or treated exclusively by regaining that lost balance.In order to preserve women's young appearance , attractive beauty and health, we have worked hard at the “Herbal Home Company” in Malaysia to produce (Avoca 55), which is an effective natural health supplement, for every woman who is keen on distinctive beauty and attractive female appearance, physical health and wellbeing .

Properties of Avoca 55:

  • 1- A 100% natural herbal formula.
  • 2- A health supplement designed to stimulate the beauty aspects in women, made of popular plant ingredients that are well-known in the traditional recipes stimulating women’s femininity, beauty and general health in South-East Asia.
  • 3- The Avoca 55 composition is based on the results of prolonged scientific research , and based on trials and experience of professional herbal experts in Malaysia andSouth-East Asia.
  • 4- Its composition helps to stimulate the reproductive system glands and activate the sensory receptors in this system’s mucosa, which are responsible for hormonal and neurological coordination between the Hypothalamus, pituitary gland, ovaries and uterus, to achieve hormonal balance between (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and endorphins).
    This hormonal balance is the key to women's gorgeous appearance and fascinating body shape. It's the way for her to stay healthy and satisfied with her feelings and appearance as a woman. The lack or increase of these hormones leads to skin, hair and nail damage, weight gain, menstrual disorders, decreased fertility, premature menopause, mood disturbance, emotional insufficiency , poor libido, lack of sexual pleasure, and may lead to genital infections due to the atrophy of vaginal mucosa , or can lead to pathological conditions such as ovarian fibrosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, or symptoms such as irregular and painful menstrual cycles
  • 5- consuming AVOCA 55 helps achieve hormonal balance and achieves the following positive gains in women’s body:
    • Enlarges breast size, lifts, fills and tightens the breasts. It effectively helps in weight loss, thanks to the ability of Avoca 55 to accelerate metabolism due to hormonal activation.
    • Regulates the accumulation of fatty tissue in the areas of natural female curves, bends, prevent the accumulation of fat in unwanted places such as the abdomen and legs, prevent sagging, skin tightening and carving textures in order to possess a harmonious female body with natural female curves without obesity.
    • Noticeable smoothness in skin and skin, significant improvement in skin tone and the gradual disappearance of defects such as sagging and wrinkles. • Silky , glossy, fast growing hair, healthy, strong nails. • Patent sexual activity, high libido, orgasm and endurance during cohabitation. • A noticeable improvement in mood and sense of positivity. • Increase in physical ability and eliminate the feeling of fatigue and constant fatigue • Gradual regularization of the menstrual cycle and the gradual elimination of menstrual pain.
  • 6- Avoca 55 helps delay menopause.
  • 7- It boosts reproductive fertility and effectively helps treat hormonal infertility in women who lost hope in pregnancy and childbirth. It prevents infertility resulting from hormonal imbalance.
  • 8- Avoca 55 helps secret milk only in lactating women exclusively, but has no such effect on non lactating women
  • 9- It has no known side effects.
  • 10- It promotes good blood supply and effectively helps prevent the dehydration of genitalia's lined membranes and in combating inflammatory diseases of those organs and in preventing their early atrophy.

How to use AVOCA - 55:

  • The duration of usage to reach the desired results is one month only ( 30 days) two capsules, morning and evening with a warm glass of water half an hour after meals.
    In case of non responsive beauty conditions; two capsules can be taken 3 times a day - AVOCA 55 is effective for milk production only and exclusively in breast-feeding mothers, who may start taking AVOCA 55 from the third day of child birth.

This product is exclusively for adult females

Keep the product out of children's reach at or below 25 ° C.