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Royal Shampoo



The Royal Treatment for Damaged Hair is a blend of herbs that were developed to act as a healer, Conditioner, and hair tonic.

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  • 100% natural product

Royal Shampoo

Price: $49
The Royal Treatment for Damaged Hair is a blend of herbs that were developed to act as a healer, Conditioner, and hair tonic.

About Royal Shampoo

Royal Shampoo _ is a blend of herbs developed to act as a hair healer, conditioner and tonic. Apart from being the safest, it provides nourishment to the hair roots from the bottom of the roots. It stimulates hair growth and strengthens hair follicle nutrition. A chemical-free herbal shampoo and conditioner to nourish hair with a non-greasy moisturizing formula. Combined with its regenerating properties, treating split ends and the shampoo works to enhance shine and detangle hair. Contains essential vitamins Niacin and Biotin to stimulate hair growth. Natural forms of Pro-Vitamin B5 and Panthenol for moisturizing and improving hair's elasticity for more natural-looking hair.

Benefits of Royal Shampoo

  • • Lengthening, shinning and softening hair.
  • • Anti-dandruff.
  • • Repair damaged hair.
  • • Strengthen hair follicles and scalp.
  • • Prevent hair loss.

Royal Shampoo Ingredients

It consists of a mixture of natural herbs
  • • Lavender flowers .
  • • Chamomile flower .
  • • Figs and olives .
  • • Ashitaba leaves.
  • • Cedar bark .
  • • Nettle plant .
  • • Vitamins: beta-carotene (vitamin A) - tocopherol (vitamin E) - orange peel - vitamin C - vitamin B6 .
  • • Raw materials for shampoo: biotin, propolis, folic acid, amino acids.

How to use

Royal shampoo is used in the daily morning shower, massage the scalp with a sufficient amount of shampoo, then leave the shampoo for 3 minutes before washing the hair with warm water. Then dry the hair of excess moisture with a towel, then massage the hair with the Herbal Home Hair Tonic product for 3 minutes by combing.

Country of Origin

Malaysia, by Herbal Home company.

Quantity and weight

12 bags/ sachets x 20 g


  • There are no warnings about using the product.


The product is stored at a temperature that does not exceed 25 degrees Celsius.


No side effects were reported.


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